Munks Livestock Sling


Our sling helped this famous stallion recover from an injury during the breeding season of 1987. After recovering he went on to sire many champions - going down in history as one of the greats. Follow the link for an article describing his injury and incredible recovery using one of our patented slings.

IMPORTANT: Munks Livestock Sling can only be as efficient as the people who use them. The manufacturer is not responsible for improper application or abuse of the sling. 

Betsy Rose

Meet Betsy Rose of Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue! Her story is one of hope after being rescued from a life of neglect and mal-nourishment. She was able to recover in one of our slings. We are happy to report that she went on to live a happy, healthy life! Below is a link to a video showing the different stages of her rehabilitation.


We found the story of Wasabi online from Humbug Farm in North Carolina. After what sounds like a terrifying dog attack this doe was able to survive and rehabilitate by using one of our products.  You can read the full story by clicking the link we've provided below. 

Success Stories

Aloha Vet

Featured in an episode that aired March 21, 2015 our sling saved a horse downed in river bed with a broken leg. Luckily, Dr. Scott Sims had a patented Munks sling handy. Below is the link to the full episode, our sling appears starting at 10 minutes.


Here is a blog dedicated to the story of Goya, an English Mastiff who had Coonhound Paralysis. You can read about his road to recovery online. One part of his rehabilitation included the use of our patented sling, during a time when he was unable to stand on his own.  

An Effective Aid to Rehabilitating Down and Injured Livestock